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about newcastle neptunes

Newcastle Neptunes started on the sixteenth day of October 1953, and it is the oldest and the largest spearfishing club in Australia.

The Neptunes hold club meetings. Please refer to calendar and Facebook for date and venue. These meetings are scheduled to preceed competitions where possible, refer to calendar for dates.


The original formation of the Underwater Spearfishermen's Association of New South Wales was based in Sydney in 1948. Competitions in those days were unrestricted and held from dawn till dark irrespective of weather conditions.

In 1957 the Neptunes received approval to organise the State Spearfishing Championships, an event only previously conducted by the State Organisation. Because of the success of this event the Neptunes received Australian Underwater Federation (then USFA of Australia) approval to organise the First Australian Pacific Coast Championships at Shoal Bay, Port Stephens. This inaugural event was won by George Davies. George was the original Publicity Officer for the club and was elected to Secretary in 1955, a position he held until 2017.

The club has hosted numerous international teams competing in the APCC which became known as the "Spearfest" series in 1988 when it was a official event of the National Bicentennial Celebrations. Visiting teams included those from New Zealand, Tahiti, New Caledonia and Japan.

The club is extremely proud of its long lists of both State and National Championship divers, a number of whom have represented Australia in the World and other International competitions.

The Neptunes is a incorporated organisation and is truly proud of its historical achivements both competitively and otherwise. Membership is invited to any diver with a interest in responsible spearfishing or social activities.


Executive Director

Barry Ernst


Steve Elias


George Davies

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Dallas Davies

Minutes Secretary

John Kirsopp/Steve Elias

Senior Vice President

John Kirsopp

Vice President

Tyler Drake

Mitchell Kirsopp

Sports Secretary

Darren McCook

Assistant Sports Secretary

Connor McCook/Angus McCook

Junior Development

Phil Green

Public Officer

George Davies

Social Secretary

Scott Hutchinson

Assistant Social Secretary

Nick Gibson/John Kirsopp


Allan Smith


Jacob Elias/ Connor McCook

Records Officer

Taylah Martindale

Club Captain

Phil Green

Website Manager

Dallas Davies/Allan Smith

Membership Officer

Dallas Davies

Safety Officer

Tyler Drake

Facebook/Publicity Officer

Tyler Drake/Dallas Davies/Jacob Elias

Neptune Challenge Manager

Steve Elias

Safety Committee

  • Tyler Drake
  • Steve Elias
  • Phil Green
  • Scott Hutchinson
  • Darren McCook

APCC and Big Fish Competition Organising Committee

  • Dallas Davies
  • Tyler Drake
  • Jacob Elias
  • Steve Elias
  • Greg Finn
  • Phil Green
  • John Kirsopp
  • Mitchell Kirsopp
  • Paul Riorden
  • Bill Rule
  • James Turner

Associate Directors

  • Josh Green
  • Greg Finn
  • Sam Leitch
  • Justin Mahony
  • Mike Rumble
  • Paul Riorden
  • Bill Rule
  • Bret Ryan